Chefs Who Won’t Just Shut Up and Cook

By Lori Azim August 17, 2016 Nowadays, chefs are moving beyond purely charitable support to become very public anti-hunger activists. Michel Nischan grew up in a family that relied on food stamps during hard times. Son of a school lunch lady, Tom Colicchio realized he should be doing more than fundraising for food banks when his wife made a documentary on American hunger that proved charity couldn’t solve the problem. And Bill Telepan saw the anemic salad served in his daughter’s public school cafeteria and knew he could help students eat healthier —even in the poorest neighborhoods. When I...

Kids win game tickets for getting free healthy meals

Posted August 10, 2016
Summer Meals Van Cortlandt Pool 2016.jpg
Councilman Andrew Cohen helps hand out free summer meals at the Van Cortlandt Pool. David "Dee" Delgado By Lisa Herndon On a warm and sunny day by Van Cortlandt Park’s pool, children with their families were munching on apple slices, carrots and sandwiches and drinking fat-free chocolate milk, as they sat under the blue and white umbrellas of the circular tables, chatting away after a swim. To top off the party, each child received a raffle certificate to win tickets to a New York Yankees game. The Aug. 3 event aimed to promote the...

Hunger Crisis in Maine Prompts National Attention

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Many kids in Maine, off for the summer, can't wait to get back to school. It's because, for some, it's the only place they'll get a reliable meal. Many Maine adults also rely on a food assistance program called "SNAP," which the state and Governor LePage are threatening to eliminate. One of the nation's leaders in fighting hunger shared his ideas in Westbrook Monday on keeping the community fed. "To be schooled, you must be well fueled. To be well read, you must be well fed," said Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America, while delivering a message in Westbrook...

Summer Meals Barrier Analysis Report 2016

In conjunction with the June 29th Summer Meals Kick-Off Event, Hunger Free America released a report on the barrier analysis of the summer meals program in NYC. The report highlights reasons why so many students who utilize free and subsidized school meals programs during the school year, do not participate in the summer meals program. The report highlights the reasons for these barriers as well as provides solutions in overcoming them. A few highlights: Convenience is a key factor in determining whether parents and caregivers do or do not take their children to summer meals sites. Families...

Ending Hunger Through Citizen Service


Ending Hunger Through Citizen Service
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